The Friends of The Paul McGuire Maritime Library Inc

The Friends of the Paul McGuire Maritime Library is an incorporated association which was established in 1981 to support the Paul McGuire Maritime Library in the State Library of South Australia.   The Patron is Mr Stan Quin.

The Friends aim is to publicise the Collection and to provide funds to the library for the purchase of rare or unusual publications for the collection.

The Friends hold 6 meetings a year, on the 4th Tuesday of the odd numbered months.   The venue is usually in the British Hotel at Port Adelaide - details of the upcoming meeting are in our newsletter.

There is also an Annual Dinner, held in October each year.

The Traverse Board, the newsletter of the Friends, contains news of the Friends activities, additions to the collection and other matters of interest to the Friends.   It is published 6 times a year.


It would seem that in some quarters the Informed do not read, or receive our quarterly newsletter, nor take the time to acquaint others of the objects of the "Friends".   What we are all about is clearly spelt out on the front page of the Traverse Board.

We are in the business of assisting and promoting the interests of the Paul McGuire Maritime Library full stop!

The "Friends" welcome members from all walks of life: People who can help with our promotions, Companies that can finance our activities; Organisations who use the sea for knowledge, commence or defence; and those who would have need of the Maritime Library to advance their work in industry.

We are out to support this Library by every appropriate means at our disposal, and to advertise its importance to all.

That is why, each year, we put together a carefully selected program of guest speakers to talk on interesting subjects.

And that is why the Traverse Board is filled with information about ships and reference to shipping collections, on the acquisition of new titles to the Maritime Library, or snippets of news about ports and cargoes, and in general on what the "Friends" are doing.

Robert J Symon, President
Traverse Board June 1989


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