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Mrs Frances Margaret McGuire is the widow of distinguished South Australian author, Paul McGuire, who died in 1978.   He was particularly interested in the sea, and was a naval intelligence commander during World War II.   After the war he served as Australian Minister to Italy for five years, and represented Australia at the United Nations and on other international occasions.

In August 1980 Mrs McGuire gave a substantial donation to the State Library to establish a special library devoted to maritime affairs in all their aspects. In October 1981, Mrs Barbara Hardy also gave a donation to launch the Thomas Walter Hardy America's Cup Collection within the Paul McGuire Maritime Library.'

Mrs McGuire is a lively and charming lady, and an author in her own right. She has kindly written the following ... for the Hardy 'Grapevine'.

A Hardy Song

('I don't care where the water goes if it doesn't get into the wine.' - C.K. Chesterton)

When sailing the seas

in a stiffening breeze
or even a gale force—nine,
as the water may cause you to sag at the knees don't let it get into the wine.

All sailors enjoy
a run round the buoy
when the glass is set steady and fine,
but keep the wet water well under your

keel and don't let it get into the wine

If the ship springs a leak
and the prospect seems bleak,
don't panic, despair, or repine,
when the sea rushes in with a horrible din simply keep it away from the wine.

Now a toast to all sailors who sail the wide seas!
We can drink it in sherry or brine, in rum, gin, or porter - or

even in water - but we'd much rather drink it in wine!

From 'Hardy's Grapevine' - July 1982


Frances Margaret McGuire

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